Transition into Spring with grace and vitality…


Initial consultation: 90 min $100

During your first Ayurvedic consultation we will discuss your health history and current concerns, cover the basic theory of Ayurveda,  and discuss your constitution and current imbalance. We will work together to formulate a plan that will help you successfully manage any imbalances while working to create greater harmony for longer lasting health and wellness. A detailed, written report, summarizing the consultation and listing recommendations will be sent to you following our meeting.

Follow up consultation: 1 hr $75

Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse: $40

According to Ayurveda, the junction between the seasons is the optimal time to rid the body of accumulated toxins, guide the doshas back to a state of harmony, and start fresh. This is an opportunity to adopt a simpler diet, nourish the body and mind and let go of old habits or patterns in order to come closer to your true nature. Some signs of imbalance include: fatigue, low immunity, poor digestion and elimination, lethargy and anxiety. The cleanse lasts 8 days and incorporates internal oleation, to loosen impurities lodged in the cells, external oleation or oil massage, to  improve circulation, a simple diet designed to enkindle digestion, and a few optional herbal supplements. In addition, daily physical exercise and journaling are encouraged. I will provide instruction, recipes, resources and daily guidance throughout the process.

In home cooking and personal menu planning (COMING SOON)

Private yoga session: 1 hr $75

Learn Ashtanga yoga in the traditional method, with one on one instruction. You will learn the fundamentals of the practice including philosophy, breathing, postures, energy management, and flow. Private sessions allow you to learn and practice and your own pace with modifications for your individual needs.